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Must See Places in Hawaii


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Why an Oahu Dinner Cruise or Luau Are Can’t Miss Events in Hawaii

By | June 20th, 2019|Categories: food|

When visiting Hawaii, there are definite can’t-miss events to partake in. Sure, the scenery is breathtaking enough to keep you immersed for the length of your stay but there are plenty of things to do as well. Two events in particular are more than worth your time: an Oahu luau and a dinner cruise.

You Don’t Want to Miss an Oahu Luau

Why are luaus such a can’t-miss event? Why wouldn’t it be? There are so may aspects of a luau that make them incredibly special and fun. An Oahu luau combines so many aspects of Polynesian culture from the food to the dancing to music that represents the culture and allows guests to have a wonderful time.

Best of all, there are more luaus available on Oahu than you can shake a stick at. Toa Luau and Chief’s Luau are just two of the many luaus available on Oahu. They provide an exceptionally fun time and allow you to experience the best Hawaii has to offer.

Maybe the best of all is the chance to sample foods that are popular at luaus. That includes lomi lomi salmon, kalua roast ping, fresh island fish and poi, which is made from the pounded and cooked root of taro. No one will leave hungry at one of these luaus.

If you are looking something of a bit different speed for yourself or if you are taking your loved one, a dinner cruise is also an excellent choice. A dinner cruise offers a wide variety of activities to partake in when you go on one of these adventures.

Why Dinner Cruises Are a Great Option

Dinner cruises provide what their name states (dinner) but it’s so much more than that. Exquisite, elaborate meals that you will never forget are just part of the appeal of an Oahu dinner cruise. Depending on which one you decide to book, there are entertainment options like theaters, live concerts, and performances. Additionally, there can even be gambling options open, creating the atmosphere of a casino on the open sea. There are so many things to do a dinner cruise that you will not lack for options.

On some of these dinner cruises, the nights can even end with fireworks (and not just the ones you create with that special someone). What better way to end a night than with a wonderful fireworks display?

The islands of Hawaii have so much they can offer in terms of sheer beauty. You could easily spend all of your time admiring the sights of the islands and soaking in the beautiful weather. But finding a wonderfully fun luau or joining a dinner cruise can elevate the experience that much more.

Finding the right option depends on what you are looking to do but a dinner cruise or luau can provide you with a wonderful night of entertainment, experiencing Polynesian culture at its finest. You will create memories that will never fade as you enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Hawaii and have the time of your life as well.

Oahu luaus and dinner cruises simply provide a one-of-a-kind experience that you should make your next destination.

Best Destinations in the World – Travellers’ Choice

By | September 7th, 2018|Categories: Destination|

The year is 2018 and global economy not doing somersaults people are trying to find beautiful and exotic destinations around the world to spend their leisure time and money with their minds at ease. Travelers are seen to be thronging to underrated and niche lands around the work looking for the ultimate escape and thrill instead of finding commercialized and crowded spots meant for the usual tourist.

• Eqypt

Egypt is known to be an escape into the sun and from everyday life. Relaxing on the sand and sightseeing the relics of the Pharaohs prove to be an experience every traveler looks forward to. The country offers a peek into what was once a rich and thriving ancient civilization that deeply influenced world culture. Although it is no more considered a luxury tourist destination, the pyramids, and the tombs still make an enlightening experience.

• Marrakech, Morocco

A city with color all around that is a treat for any traveler’s eye Marrakech leaves you enthralled. An endless winding city of markets, mosques, an abundance of cloth gives one enough to walk around for days on end. Tip for the first time visitor would be to avoid hot season as the unfamiliar won’t take nicely to the high temperatures there.

• Iceland

Probably the best place to visit during the summer in the world, Iceland gives the nature and adventure loving traveler just what they need and love. Offering views that take your breath away and experiences to make memories that last a lifetime Iceland visits anytime after March, especially during July or August is ideal. Geothermal spas, whaling tours, and the Northern lights are on most been around the block traveler’s list.

• Marseille, France

At the center of Provence region lies the beautiful port city of Marseille with possibly the best summer vacation spot in France. Having been integral to the trading economy of the world Marseille enjoys a deep and rich culture with a history dating back to almost 500AD. The amiable climate and people make it a pleasant visit during July. The sights of Notre-Dame de la Garde, Palais Longchamp and also Kayaking in the Old port and later caving and hiking at Calanque de Morgiu are things to look forward to.

Frequent Flyer Tips for Getting Free Stuff and Perks

By | September 7th, 2018|Categories: Airlines|

Airlines generally see passenger just as walking talking cargo that is easily upset and has realized the easiest way to keep them happy is to offer free stuff and incentives to fly with them to be ahead of the competition. One must approach taking advantage of all this and a way of the road(sky) and completely feel alright in doing because the airline really does want you to utilize this.

The first and probably the most obvious tip would be to join the airline’s loyalty program. Ever wondered how some people just get to skip all the queues, get handed all the free food and drinks, and pick the nicest seat. All the fancy and nice treatment come at a cost. They simply had decided to sign up for the loyalty program. Get the credit card, use it wisely and know the difference between the different kind of miles you can earn. Ideally, you should base yourself on a single carrier but if you fly all over the world it’s easier to be subscribed to multiple programs. Think of it as an investment for your future. Start building up your cred right away and you’ll never find yourself seated near the toilet having to eat cold and stale typical airline food again.


Tip number two would be to use miles and frequently as you can. It’s always instinct to save up all your miles for a big trip you’ve always been planning to go on, possibly around the world to destinations you can’t afford. Why you might ask? This is because airlines have started devaluing miles in the long run and could lose their worth much like real money can sometimes. Certain trendsetting airlines now let you pay in part by miles making it much easier to utilize those miles while they have their worth.


The only place in the world where it’s alright to be entitled is the airport. If you think you can have free stuff, ask for it. Chances are you’ll be given. Is your flight delayed? Chances are you don’t have to take chances, you are entitled to free stuff. A delay of a few hours is an airport equivalent of meal vouchers so that you stay happy at the airport for a flight the airline delayed. If the flight is really delayed then a neat hotel for you stay while you wait is not too much of an ask at that point. This ‘goodwill’ is given to people by the airlines because they like to keep you happy. Miles and money can be a bargain but still not a long shot. Be nice while doing so though because everyone is probably having just a bad as you are.

If in doubt of your power, arm twitter. Airlines seem to respond quicker to social media (especially if you have an annoying follower who like bother conglomerates) than when you give them a simple old school phone call. Call the airlines out on whatever you want, and a response is guaranteed if a little momentum gathers for your tweets. Easier if you’re a little famous.

Use the snack cart to your advantage. If it’s blocking your way to the bathroom, it makes it acceptable to use the business class washroom. Ask politely for more snack that everyone else, the attendant usually doesn’t want to decline and hand it to you anyway. Be nice but be entitled.

Top 5 adventure sports destinations in the world

By | September 7th, 2018|Categories: Sports|

If your usual holidays have been lackluster and left you wanting for more, maybe it’s time to step it up a notch and look for adventure. Here are the top 5 adventure sports destinations in the world.

1. New Zealand

The holy grail of adventure sports is usually a name attributed to the beautiful country and has seen a flock of enthusiasts traveling her for a taste of the thrill it offers. The serene diverse terrain and varied land and water formations is a strong attraction for thrill seekers. From cloud-kissing snow-capped mountains to vast steep slopes to endless stretches of sand adjacent to blue waters give the opportunity for a lot of adventure sports.

Kayaking and whiter water rafting, as well as mountain biking and hiking across difficult trails, are a must do. Although unusual, sand surfing is on many a traveler’s to-do list here.

2. Slovenia

When one thinks crazy, death-defying adventure sports the mountains and valleys of Slovenia with its beautiful backdrop give the sense of an ideal adventure outing. Since the former Soviet Union broke the state has been actively promoting tourism and the scene has been never better here. From airborne sports such as paragliding, wingsuit gliding, skydiving, base jumping, and hot air ballooning and white water rafting, mountain biking and trekking this place can surprise even the most seasoned adventure seeker. With well-experienced guides and instructors at most spots, this can be a great learning experience too.

Given the ancient culture and the beauty of cities and the captivating allure of the Dead Sea, many travelers overlook the options in adventure sports possible in this destination. Kayaking and surfing as well are niche activities like sand surfing, canyoning, free-soloing, and base jumping at the Golan Heights are thrills meant to be experienced. Israel even has a serene ski resort at Mount Hernon if skiing is your thing.

4. Switzerland

Home of the world’s best sports personalities and the best sceneries thanks to the Alps one can find the perfect spots for hiking and mountain climbing here. The terrain is ideal for cross country, downhill, speed cycling and road cycling. The snowy slopes are a prime attraction during the winter with Zermatt and Verrbier being the most popular sites for skiing and snowboarding.

5. Canada

This picturesque country doesn’t usually make it to adventure sports lists because the many can’t handle the vast wilderness and wild forests. The opportunities for hiking, cycling and camping are endless with Canada being home to many deserted and beautiful areas. With plenty of lakes, rivers and whitewater gush all over the country kayaking is also a good choice. Quebec is also known to be home to the best mountain biking destination in the world. The CN Tower Edge Walk is also a popular attraction allowing you to walk right across the edge of the roof!

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