The year is 2018 and global economy not doing somersaults people are trying to find beautiful and exotic destinations around the world to spend their leisure time and money with their minds at ease. Travelers are seen to be thronging to underrated and niche lands around the work looking for the ultimate escape and thrill instead of finding commercialized and crowded spots meant for the usual tourist.

• Eqypt

Egypt is known to be an escape into the sun and from everyday life. Relaxing on the sand and sightseeing the relics of the Pharaohs prove to be an experience every traveler looks forward to. The country offers a peek into what was once a rich and thriving ancient civilization that deeply influenced world culture. Although it is no more considered a luxury tourist destination, the pyramids, and the tombs still make an enlightening experience.

• Marrakech, Morocco

A city with color all around that is a treat for any traveler’s eye Marrakech leaves you enthralled. An endless winding city of markets, mosques, an abundance of cloth gives one enough to walk around for days on end. Tip for the first time visitor would be to avoid hot season as the unfamiliar won’t take nicely to the high temperatures there.

• Iceland

Probably the best place to visit during the summer in the world, Iceland gives the nature and adventure loving traveler just what they need and love. Offering views that take your breath away and experiences to make memories that last a lifetime Iceland visits anytime after March, especially during July or August is ideal. Geothermal spas, whaling tours, and the Northern lights are on most been around the block traveler’s list.

• Marseille, France

At the center of Provence region lies the beautiful port city of Marseille with possibly the best summer vacation spot in France. Having been integral to the trading economy of the world Marseille enjoys a deep and rich culture with a history dating back to almost 500AD. The amiable climate and people make it a pleasant visit during July. The sights of Notre-Dame de la Garde, Palais Longchamp and also Kayaking in the Old port and later caving and hiking at Calanque de Morgiu are things to look forward to.