Airlines generally see passenger just as walking talking cargo that is easily upset and has realized the easiest way to keep them happy is to offer free stuff and incentives to fly with them to be ahead of the competition. One must approach taking advantage of all this and a way of the road(sky) and completely feel alright in doing because the airline really does want you to utilize this.

The first and probably the most obvious tip would be to join the airline’s loyalty program. Ever wondered how some people just get to skip all the queues, get handed all the free food and drinks, and pick the nicest seat. All the fancy and nice treatment come at a cost. They simply had decided to sign up for the loyalty program. Get the credit card, use it wisely and know the difference between the different kind of miles you can earn. Ideally, you should base yourself on a single carrier but if you fly all over the world it’s easier to be subscribed to multiple programs. Think of it as an investment for your future. Start building up your cred right away and you’ll never find yourself seated near the toilet having to eat cold and stale typical airline food again.


Tip number two would be to use miles and frequently as you can. It’s always instinct to save up all your miles for a big trip you’ve always been planning to go on, possibly around the world to destinations you can’t afford. Why you might ask? This is because airlines have started devaluing miles in the long run and could lose their worth much like real money can sometimes. Certain trendsetting airlines now let you pay in part by miles making it much easier to utilize those miles while they have their worth.


The only place in the world where it’s alright to be entitled is the airport. If you think you can have free stuff, ask for it. Chances are you’ll be given. Is your flight delayed? Chances are you don’t have to take chances, you are entitled to free stuff. A delay of a few hours is an airport equivalent of meal vouchers so that you stay happy at the airport for a flight the airline delayed. If the flight is really delayed then a neat hotel for you stay while you wait is not too much of an ask at that point. This ‘goodwill’ is given to people by the airlines because they like to keep you happy. Miles and money can be a bargain but still not a long shot. Be nice while doing so though because everyone is probably having just a bad as you are.

If in doubt of your power, arm twitter. Airlines seem to respond quicker to social media (especially if you have an annoying follower who like bother conglomerates) than when you give them a simple old school phone call. Call the airlines out on whatever you want, and a response is guaranteed if a little momentum gathers for your tweets. Easier if you’re a little famous.

Use the snack cart to your advantage. If it’s blocking your way to the bathroom, it makes it acceptable to use the business class washroom. Ask politely for more snack that everyone else, the attendant usually doesn’t want to decline and hand it to you anyway. Be nice but be entitled.