If your usual holidays have been lackluster and left you wanting for more, maybe it’s time to step it up a notch and look for adventure. Here are the top 5 adventure sports destinations in the world.

1. New Zealand

The holy grail of adventure sports is usually a name attributed to the beautiful country and has seen a flock of enthusiasts traveling her for a taste of the thrill it offers. The serene diverse terrain and varied land and water formations is a strong attraction for thrill seekers. From cloud-kissing snow-capped mountains to vast steep slopes to endless stretches of sand adjacent to blue waters give the opportunity for a lot of adventure sports.

Kayaking and whiter water rafting, as well as mountain biking and hiking across difficult trails, are a must do. Although unusual, sand surfing is on many a traveler’s to-do list here.

2. Slovenia

When one thinks crazy, death-defying adventure sports the mountains and valleys of Slovenia with its beautiful backdrop give the sense of an ideal adventure outing. Since the former Soviet Union broke the state has been actively promoting tourism and the scene has been never better here. From airborne sports such as paragliding, wingsuit gliding, skydiving, base jumping, and hot air ballooning and white water rafting, mountain biking and trekking this place can surprise even the most seasoned adventure seeker. With well-experienced guides and instructors at most spots, this can be a great learning experience too.

Given the ancient culture and the beauty of cities and the captivating allure of the Dead Sea, many travelers overlook the options in adventure sports possible in this destination. Kayaking and surfing as well are niche activities like sand surfing, canyoning, free-soloing, and base jumping at the Golan Heights are thrills meant to be experienced. Israel even has a serene ski resort at Mount Hernon if skiing is your thing.

4. Switzerland

Home of the world’s best sports personalities and the best sceneries thanks to the Alps one can find the perfect spots for hiking and mountain climbing here. The terrain is ideal for cross country, downhill, speed cycling and road cycling. The snowy slopes are a prime attraction during the winter with Zermatt and Verrbier being the most popular sites for skiing and snowboarding.

5. Canada

This picturesque country doesn’t usually make it to adventure sports lists because the many can’t handle the vast wilderness and wild forests. The opportunities for hiking, cycling and camping are endless with Canada being home to many deserted and beautiful areas. With plenty of lakes, rivers and whitewater gush all over the country kayaking is also a good choice. Quebec is also known to be home to the best mountain biking destination in the world. The CN Tower Edge Walk is also a popular attraction allowing you to walk right across the edge of the roof!