You could be a seasoned frequent flyer mile accumulator or a college kid leaving home for the first time. The dilemma of what to pack and how is always a bothersome quandary. Traveling veterans say the best advice they can give is to carry the most versatile and durable luggage. Purchase a bag with a great warranty and you’ll be saved from a lot of worries in your travel-filled life. You don’t want to be that guy with the creaking wheel on his luggage or the inconvenient broken handle. Make sure your luggage can suit all your needs and allows you to fit stuff easily into it as well as carry it with relative ease and little strain.

Once your luggage is set, be it either rolling luggage, 4-wheeled, duffel bags, travel backpacks or a carry-on, it is always necessary to organize your stuff.

Your first best bang for the buck purchase would be to obtain a packing organizer. This makes packing and unpacking a whole lot easier and will leave you satisfied throughout your travel. Having a suitcase organized means not only that will you always know where exactly everything you packed is but all your clothing can be easily compressed or rolled into tight and neatly arranged spaces keeping your luggage less bulky and lugging around less tiresome.

For bulky clothing like sweaters, jackets, and jeans you can get compressions sacs or cubes which drastically reduce the space they occupy by up to 80%. Folders are a great addition to your packing arsenal allowing you to appear to have freshly pressed clothes that were in actuality pressed long before your 12-hour haul.

Pack the necessities and basics of clothing first such as lightweight clothing that can be layered, long-sleeved shirts, a sweater, t-shirts, pants, socks, pajamas, and underwear. Your cell phone and charger, battery bank, adapter are also a ‘must not forget’.

Packing smart does not mean packing lots. Simply means you’ll have versatile clothing that can take you anywhere in case you ever decide to tread away from the beaten path. Include daily wear clothing that can be changed and switched up by just changing the shoes or pants you pair it up with.

Pack your toiletry bag with care. Know the allowed limit of liquid to be carried on a flight if that’s the preferred mode of travel and be compliant with any regulations instead of risking having your favorite scent shampoo confiscated.

Pack the basics such toothbrush and toothpaste, floss and mouthwash, hairbrush, ties, and bobby pins, deodorant, shampoo, and sunscreen. Moisturizer is also a must considering you might be traveling to dry and hot conditions.

Probably the most important and easily overlooked bag of lifesaver is your medicines. Keep the usual fever, headache, and allergy tablet along with some vitamins, sunburn relief, mosquito repellant, motion sickness pills , and laxatives.