Many arguments exist about which country has the best food. There are a few countries that have a high ranking in the field of culinary skills.


Germany has excellent taste when it comes to food. They have top quality food items and love their sausages, blazing pretzels and schnitzels. Their diets consist of principally locally grown or produced food. Smoked fish and roast pork shanks dominate the country.


There are an excellent variety of restaurants in China. They have a lot of outdoor diners where you can eat some of the best street food. Most restaurants have a Mediterranean essence to them. Most of the dishes look tempting and satisfies the hungriest. China has such a lot of cuisines making it an exquisite place to eat a different meal every day, and you will never grow uninterested in their food.


Thailand has owned its mark globally as one of the best cuisines. This country is known as a food-lovers mecca. The friendly and social nature of the Thai people and the way food taste when eaten in Thailand gives reason to celebrate. All dishes are ordered and shared together. Thai menus include four main seasonings, spicy, salty, sweet and sour. Meat or fish dishes, vegetables and noodle dishes are available. Their deserts may consist of merely fresh fruit, but the tropical flavours and spices have made this one of the top countries with food loved all over the world.


Italy has the most delicious dishes. The favourites worldwide are their pizza and pasta dishes. After roaming through their restaurants, you take a walk to a gelateria for their dairy-free ice cream. This food culture never disappoints.


The advantage that Greece has is that it is a sea-faring culture. Greece lies between Asia and Europe. The crossroads between Asia and Europe offer the locals a chance to learn other techniques, ingredients and spices. The sharing of cultures makes Greek food impressive.


India offers varied and profoundly rooted food cultures. There is a wide assortment of incredibly delicious cuisine. Different, unusual curried vegetables, rice, lentils flatbreads and cheeses are from India. Every town has its exclusive elegance and specialities for you to indulge. The dishes prepared on the streets and in the kitchens of Delhi and Mumbai deserves acknowledgement as some of the best food in the world.



Small bites of food from the land and the sea with glasses of wine gives the food a flavour of its own. Spain is where you will find the best paella made from rice and different kinds of seafood.

Other countries worth mention, but not least in its finest cuisines are Mexico, France and Japan.

We have taken you on tour to read about the countries that have the best food. Now the only thing to do is to get up and go to some restaurants that offer us a taste of what to expect as if we were, in reality, visiting those countries.